A Healthy Soul Paves Way For Your Business Well-being!

“Dear friend, I pray that you may enjoy good health and that all may go well with you, just as you are progressing spiritually.” – 3 John 1:2 Doing business is much more than just a profit ma…

Source: A Healthy Soul Paves Way For Your Business Well-being!


A Healthy Soul Paves Way For Your Business Well-being!

“Dear friend, I pray that you may enjoy good health and that all may go well with you, just as you are progressing spiritually.” – 3 John 1:2img_9509-2

Doing business is much more than just a profit making activity. It’s spiritual! The strong in spirit will prosper in business. God’s preference is that we have a progressive or ongoing growth of our souls and a healthy soul paves way for everything else to go well with us. The soul houses our will, mind, emotions, beliefs, thoughts, events and memories. It is a wiring through which the word or ideas are processed to manifest. Our souls can govern how we navigate business. For entrepreneurs to perform on the level for which God created them, they must make sure to have a progressive and healthy soul.


I was given a breakdown between receiving and manifestation by Pastor Brian Holmes from the United States of America when I heard one of his sermons in Harare, Zimbabwe. He pointed out that our spirit receives the word and impregnates the soul. For that reason, our souls need healing so they don’t miscarry.


There is a statement which says “we act in accordance with the truth as we believe it to be, not necessarily what the truth really is.” Sometimes it’s what we think things are, not what things really are! This assertion implies that your error becomes your truth. Some business people believe that it’s impossible to execute their ideas because of economic recession. Some believe that you cannot start a business venture unless you are given a loan from the bank. That has become their belief system and is housed in their souls. Bear it in mind that your beliefs govern your success in business.


The soul can be likened to a computer hard-drive. The purpose of a hard-drive is to store data that is saved in the computer. The business failures and debts you have experienced and you have witnessed other businesses incurring has been stored in your soul. The data is the in the hard-drive. You have looked at the economic trends and have witnessed a number of businesses that shut down. You are evaluating how other businesses are performing and you are actually afraid to do business. The point is the received truth about your business is in warfare with what you have stored or saved in your soul. All these have altered your belief system. Many business people are having a hard time buying into the fact that their ventures can start and grow because of what has been registered in their hard-drives.


Some business people have been prematurely exposed to sexual activities and false indoctrinations. You have got to train your mind because the 21st century has brought with it many doctrines. The absence of their parents and sometimes learning deficiencies altered their thought system. What have you picked up as a belief system? What soul ties have you made over the past years? Some have made covenantal soul ties when they entered or signed certain contracts or agreements. Some have made vows and discontinued relationships without fulfilling promises. Don’t just jump into bed in business with anyone! Ally and you tie yourself to the outcome. Reconcile where you come from! Soul ties can rob you off from your business progress and destiny. Put the fractures to light, confess and God will heal your soul.


You can’t fulfill your assignment carrying that entire staff. Delete the negative files and folders in your soul, put an anti-virus of the right thoughts and allow spiritual progression for the well-being of your business. Let’s set in motion…



Thank you Lord God for your love upon my life. I desire to know who you want me to be as a business person. I confess the Lordship of Jesus Christ in my life and allow him to heal my soul. Delete negative files and folders in my soul. Grant me the grace of spiritual progression so that all may go well with me in my business in Jesus Name, Amen.

By Elijah Tembo – Author, Brand Ambassador and Speaker